Israel offers a lot as a people and a country to foreigners, ranging from tourists, thinking of immigration or establishing a company in Israel.

Israelis take it upon themselves to invent few legendary digital solutions and the whole country is regulated online now.

Freedom enjoyed by companies in Israel is a lot. Attracting businesses and finding talents worldwide has been the aim of all government cabinets. Almost all the official paperwork is a good instance.

Political system: Unitary parliamentary republic
Capital city: Jerusalem
Total area: 20,770 km²
Population: 9 million
Currency: ILS – New shekel (₪‎)
Official language:  Hebrew

General Introduction of Israel –  a brief introductory overview of Israel as a travel destination.

Israeli Travel Guide – These are for potential people that have made up their mind to visit Israel and are currently working on the details of the trip.

Incentive and Conference Tourism – provided for foreign companies that are looking for new places and possibilities to organize a free and inspirational travel for staffs and customers.

Map of Israel – this indicates certain destinations in Israel together with their descriptions and illustrations and useful information to people traveling in Israel.

Corporate Income tax

Profit retained in the company is taxed at 0%

Tax Treaties

Israel, this little country located in the Middle East, how has it made herself known in the business and digital innovation section in recent times? ‘Sophistication’, ‘creativity’ and ‘simplicity’ are the main business terms in Israel, some have been developed intentionally.

Israel’s business has vastly changed from east to west since our independence in 1948. The western world really influenced Israel’s business conditions and procedures. Western accounting system and western quality certification were introduced to business, and most importantly, western business contacts. This new Era has driven the country further.

Let’s say all this got your attention, and it looks like an opportunity of a lifetime doing business in Israel. What is the next step? Begin with this available overview of rules and procedures that you should have knowledge of for you to establish a business in Israel.

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The balanced budget policy is what holds Israel firm, and over the years, various governments have been very persistent. This has made Israel free of national debt, which leads to easy budgetary even when the economy is bad. Furthermore, the system of banking offers a strong structure over the business life. Top Israeli banks are owned by banks located in the Nordic countries.