Incorporatespecializes in issuing work permits and relocation of foreign experts and guarantees meeting the statutory requirements, while saving time and costs.

A foreign expert arriving to Israel on your behalf is required to obtain work permits, which entails a complex procedure that demands expertise and experience in this field.

Incorporate provides a complete package of services, for issuing such permits for foreign experts:

  • Defining the suitable type of work permit
  • Communicating with the authorities –
  • both in the local and destination levels
  • Issuing proper permits for the expert
  • Issuing additional visas for family members, if requested

Incorporate has vast knowledge and experience, focused on enhancing the delivery of solutions customized specifically to your needs, while maintaining efficiency, time and money saving, meeting deadlines and the legal requirements.

Incorporate employs a team of lawyers and experts to guide you through this process in a professional and dedicated manner.

The law requires any company to issue working permits for foreign experts.

Incorporate is at your service to ensure that your meet the statutory requirements.

Our vision is to maintain a tradition of excellence and leadership thorough comprehensive practices that span through all countries we operate in.

Incorporate powered by Israel Private Companies Association (IPCA) providing relocation, immigration and work permits services focus in Israel. Incorporate provide reliable and sophisticated immigration counseling and representation in a personalized and caring approach to move expatriates across borders.

Incorporate is well-known for its efficient and professional standards of work incorporating coordination and control resulting in successful outcomes for our clients.

Our collaboration with the most professional lawyers and specialists in the countries we operate under ensures that all clients’ needs are met in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

With an unblemished representation across the various practices areas and countries through which it operates, Incorporates setting the benchmark for service standards and accomplishments for its clients.


Incorporate provides services via a centrally coordinated, business model

based on a single point of contract to manage the entire expatriate life cycle

Incorporate offers an array of professional services and advice for clients.

  • Business Visas
  • Work visas and permits Residence permits Relocation one-stop-shop
  • Immigration compliance reviews
  • Immigration workshops


Our team comprises of regulated immigration consultants, lawyers who are members in good standing of provincial or territorial law societies, global immigration process coordinators, management consultants, legal officers, administrators and immigration clerks.