To avoid you wasting efforts on a deep research of specific jurisdiction. Our employees have a wide range of knowledge in Israel laws, taxes, economy, market situation and local practice of business relations.

We provide different services to create a legal presence and a certified reachable location for your company in Israel. Also, you are provided with an unfailing and efficient tool for forwarding your commercial mails, fax delivery and telephone calls.

Legal and statutory documents are received and made known to the directors quickly, therefore, a registered office address in Israel is a necessity. We can provide you with telephone numbers and Israeli addresses.

Call answering services could be provided with a phone number to ensure the calls directed to your local phone number are answered. Either we take the message or the call is transferred depending on content or agreement of the call. If necessary, messages dropped can be translated into any language of your choosing. All calls directed to your Israeli number can be redirected to you, if you recommend it.

The mails sent to your Israeli address are received by us. A brief run-down on the incoming correspondence and documents will be forwarded. Furthermore, all documents sent to you can be translated into your local language. So you could follow up the information immediately it drops at your companies address

Updates on important dates, reminders on the submission of reports and procedural time-limits will be forwarded to you. Our services also provide assistance for any problem that might come up in Israel or from managing an Israeli business.