Israel company formation

Israel has an outstanding and favorable system of taxation that is one of the most advanced in the whole world. In general, Israel’s simple tax system and low rates are outstanding.

You’re provided with professional consultation and services that helps in registration and the company’s management which quickens the Israeli company formation processes and saving all you possibly could with favorable tax system. You can get local address, phone number, accounting and several other basic office services from us.

You don’t have to come down to Israel to start-up a company. With a power of attorney, it can all be arranged wherever you are. A particular power of attorney will be arranged for you for that function. You are only required to get a notarial and, if relevant, apostille certification for that proxy and send it to us through courier.

As stated in the Israeli Commercial Code, business entities are in five forms: private limited company, public limited company, general partnership, limited partnership and association. In Israel, the general form of legal entities organized by foreigners is the private limited company.

When the share capital is split into private limited company shares, it is defined as a Private Limited Company. A shareholder is not solely accountable for the obligations of the company.

A management board is a necessity for Private Limited Companies. This management board may consist of a single member (director) or several members. You do not have to be a shareholder to be a member in the management board.